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Catchin’ Crayfish in Lake Tahoe

27 Sep

No Snow Snakes!

how to cook crawdads

I was surprised when I read that Nevada recently issued the first commercial permit to harvest crayfish from Lake Tahoe. It’s believed the crawdads were introduced to the lake sometime in the 1800’s and the population has since grown to an estimated 220 million according to an article on the University of Nevada, Reno website. While I was oblivious to the fact that the lake was full of little crustaceans, I was fully aware that crawdads are in fact delicious. So armed with a crawdad trap and the responsibility to do my part to keep Tahoe blue, I headed out to the east shore to catch my next meal.

How to catch crawdads:

The easiest way to catch crawdads is with a trap, which can be purchased from most sporting goods stores. The trap is made of wire netting. It’s cylindrical with conical shaped holes at either end that…

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My Happy Place

25 Sep

My Happy Place

Many moons ago I left Lake Tahoe, and ever since then I have referred to it as my happy place. I often return home to visit, and each time I stay a little longer and it gets a little harder to leave. Today I am in search of possible ideas or suggestions for future employment in the area. I am Dreaming of Tahoe!